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One application —
two lives

World’s first secure messenger that cares about work-life balance! In addition to organizing your contacts, add multiple work and personal phone numbers, and protect your messages from anyone meaning you harm.

If Chapp isn't available in your country, let us know so we can notify you when we launch there

Top grade security
and usability

  • Chapp uses end-to-end encryption to make your messages and media thoroughly secured.
  • The keys to decrypt your communication are stored on your and your friends devices only, not on our servers.
  • Your contacts are only stored on your device, making it impossible to get to them without your device at hand.
No more mixing personal and work life

Two profiles

With Chapp, you can keep them separate. Two tabs, dubbed "Work" and "Personal", help you manage all your communication in orderly fashion and manage what information is shared with the two types of contacts from profile picture, to email and phone numbers.

Up to four phone numbers in a single account

Multiple phone numbers

Personal, work or numbers you use when traveling abroad – keep them all in one place for easy use and never again waste time informing your contacts which number they can message you on