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Chapp: The Only Messaging App that Cares About Your Work-Life Harmony

. 5 min read
Chapp Solves the Work-Life Harmony Equation

Messaging apps have grown indispensable; however, they have turned into something of a burden: nonstop interruptions; demands on our time, productivity, and ability to focus; and shortcomings threatening the privacy and security of our communications.

As messaging apps continue to distract us, many of us face this dilemma: “I will deactivate them to enjoy some peace of mind.” But then, “Oh, I will be isolated from my friends and family, and I will be missing on so many updates at work and in my personal life. I don’t want this isolation—it’s a lockdown upon the lockdown! I want to balance the professional and the personal; I want to communicate without worrying who may retrieve my personal information or messages; I want to decide who can message me.”

Good news for you: we have developed the one app that secures you all the benefits of messaging apps while warding off all the worries and annoyances that often accompany these apps. It’s time to Chapp.

Chapp is the world’s first messenger that sorts your roles to deliver a messaging experience that balances work and life, guarantees the utmost level of communication confidentiality and security, and puts you in the driver’s seat for optimal focus and productivity in all paths of life, eventually bringing you the rare and long-sought-after peace of mind.

Four keys open the door of this promised experience: Swap, Mute, End-to-End Encryption, and Message Requests.

Key # 1: Swap

Here is where you can finally achieve work-life harmony. With the Swap feature, you can seamlessly manage work and personal messages.

One account, two profiles: Chapp allows you to set up two separate profiles, one for business, under the “Work” tab, and the other for family and friends, under the “Personal” tab, while storing your contacts on the same account. Swap the “Personal” and “Work” profiles, assured that what belongs to work will stay where it should and what your loved ones share will not be swept by the flood of work communications.

Save all contacts in one place, but sorted for Work-Life Harmony

Things are only starting to get better!

Key #2: Mute

So, you have two profiles fixed in the same place and you are free to switch between them. But Chapp has promised to put you in the driver’s seat, and here is where the Mute Feature comes in. With Mute, Chapp empowers you to choose when is the time to share what and with whom. Arrived at work and eager to focus, or working from home and wondering how to block personal interactions though everyone knows you are available at home? Mute the personal profile. Done working and aspiring to peaceful moments in your own world? Mute the work profile.

Stop the inflow of notifications from either profile by setting it to mute. Don’t want to go through this muting process on and on? Maintain a routine of who can reach you and when with your Mute Schedule: assign a start and end time and days to repeat the muting.

Schedule your “Mute Work Profile” and Save Precious Moments for your Personal Life

Want to go into a retreat? Want some communication-free time? some special occasion calling for all your attention? Seeking utmost peace of mind? Voilà! Mute both profiles!

Mute maximizes productivity, focus, and even silence.

Key #3: End-to-End Encryption

We have designed Chapp with an eye on offering secure and private communication, because online security and privacy are a right—and should be a concern—for all, not only official or business entities. Chapp is laying the foundation for heightened privacy- and security-oriented practices that keep its users safe against security breaches and threats such as phishing, spam, spying, and malware.

·        It is Chapp’s policy to never collect or sell sensitive information.

·        Chapp implements end-to-end encryption that codes/encrypts your messages, making them readable (decodable or possible to decrypt) only on two devices: the sender’s and the recipient’s. The decryption keys are stored solely on the devices used during this communication, not Chapp’s servers (as is the case with some other apps). Neither the team behind Chapp nor third parties can access your messages (and calls once calls are enabled in a future release).

·        For the sake of confidentiality, your contacts are stored on your device alone, so it is impossible to access your list of contacts without getting hold of your own. If your device is safe, so are your contacts.

The safest and most private messenger in the market!

Key #4: Message Requests

While messaging apps usually make you available to anyone who has your number, Chapp has a better plan. Chapp allows you to decide who can reach you with the Message Requests feature.

Decide who to accept and who to keep strangers! Now you're in control!

When someone who is not on your contact list messages you for the first time, you won’t directly receive their messages. What you will see is a message request. The decision is yours to accept this request and thus be open to receiving future messages from this person, or to reject it and block this user. You are not forced to read something a stranger sends. Nobody trespasses on your privacy; nobody enters your own space unless you open the door.

One Account, Four Phone Numbers

In future releases, Chapp will have you covered through a single account that accommodates up to four phone numbers: your personal, work, and travel numbers are embedded in one account, so you no longer need to continuously alert your contacts as to which number to use every now and then. What else? you specify which number to use with which profile: assign your business number for your work profile and keep your personal number away from colleagues. So, stay tuned..

Launching and Early Adopters

Fully fledged to take off, and supporting both Arabic and English, Chapp welcomes iOS users on board, while making every effort to extend the opportunity to Android users to join us in the upcoming months.

Chapp is your go-to messaging app for communication security, work and personal life harmony, control over interactions, optimal productivity and focus, and serenity and peace of mind.

The world is changing. Stay safe, online and offline.