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Discover These 3 Messaging Apps Today for Maximum Privacy & Security: Chapp, Signal, and Threema

. 5 min read

Do you really read the privacy policy before you press “accept”? You should.

Do you know how much data linked to your identity is being collected by chat apps?

With Apple’s new privacy feature announcement, users are given a better chance to be aware of the exact data collected. Developers now have to disclose their apps' privacy practices in a way that is more simplified and user-friendly using highlights and summary. Shockingly, the app privacy labels brought to our attention how much of our private data are exposed, even with daily used chatting apps including precise location, contact info, photos, videos, search history, payment data, and much more.

​​Facebook is not pleased with Apple’s new privacy changes. But why is Facebook upset with Apple? Because Apple's new update allows users to opt out from all this data collection and tracking, by choosing which applications are granted access to which data. In short, it lets Apple users be in control.

Owing to its biggest data breach in 2018, Facebook obviously does not have the best reputation. What brought this topic again to the surface, is when WhatsApp nearly threatened its users if they do not agree to the privacy policy update, which exposes more of their private data, they will soon not be able to continue using the app.  This further agitated the "Facebook privacy panic" worldwide, a panic that is rather based on very rational reasons and not “some rumors” as WhatsApp wrote on its Facebook page a few days ago.

​​“Just by sending messages, metadata is delivered to WhatsApp every time" says Data privacy commissioner, Ulrich Kelber. Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, WhatsApp data is forwarded directly to the parent company together with the data collected from Facebook’s other owned apps used in chatting: Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. Now is the right time for you to choose a more trusted and secure chatting app that respects your data privacy and security.

​​The most important things to note when choosing the best secure messaging app for you, is its price, security, and usability. So, whatever it will be, Signal, Threema, or Chapp, you could definitely use some information to guide your decision, and that's exactly what this article provides.

​Signal: ​Have the utmost privacy with Signal’s Encrypted Messaging Protocol

​​Today, users are more privacy-savvy, and aware of the importance of choosing more secure options for their daily messages between family and friends, or for business.

​​Signal keeps your conversations secure using end-to-end encryption. Encryption means encoding data so that only the sender and recipient can view it. When applying this process to messaging, it is called end-to-end encryption.

​​Signal is not the only app in the market that you can trust with your data. Signal’s protocol is free and open-source, so it is available for other applications to use too.

​​For business, it is unarguably pivotal to keep information secure and confidential. You can rely on Signal’s encrypted instant messaging technology for sharing sensitive data with employees, clients and co-workers without compromising your or their data as it is unreadable to anyone else.

​​Moreover, you can share what matters to you with anyone, without worrying about someone else viewing ¾or worse¾ threatening to misuse your data. To never put yourself or your family at risk, use the most secure messaging apps to safely exchange private information like your address, bank account number, and personal photos.

​​Signal does not offer users the option to separate between business messages and personal chats. Hence, you will end up getting distracted by irrelevant messages at the wrong time, and most likely not allowing you to reach the work-life harmony that you need.

​Threema: ​Choose This Paid Messenger for Corporate Level Security

​​Threema is like Signal in terms of putting extra effort to provide the best experience with regard to data privacy and confidentiality. However, unlike Signal, the app is not free.

​​If you work in an organization, then you know that employees tend to use the instant messaging apps for faster communication rather than e-mails. It is then of course a necessity to use the most secure chatting apps, and never risk any sensitive data collection by competitors or advertisers. Threema is preferred to enterprises of all sizes, government agencies, educational institutions and NGOs.

​​However, using Threema for both personal and business conversations requires that you download two separate apps, as it has a different app for business purposes; This is a drawback in usability, as it takes time to shift between both apps and it certainly disrupts the user experience.

​​Entering a phone number or e-mail address in Threema is optional, as it functions based on generating a random ID for each user instead of requesting contact info. This means you cannot send a message to any contact without asking them to send their ID or scanning their code using your phone. This also may not offer the best usability to employees after all, because when it comes to the business environment, stress is everywhere. Hence, real-time and quick responses are a must.

Chapp: ​Secure, Better, Easier Communication

​​If you are trying to get security, privacy, and convenience, you can simply use Chapp. When it comes to your safety and that of your family, you should never compromise security and privacy. ​​Chapp protects all your messages with end-to-end-encryption based on Signal’s protocol, ensuring that only you and the person receiving your messages can read or download any media you share. Bonus to this, it also comes in a very organized and user-friendly interface, that lets you separate between personal and business conversations.

​​​​As far as privacy is concerned, Signal, Threema, and Chapp offer the highest security levels. However, Chapp resembles a revolutionary ease-of-use as it is built with a mindset specially designed for employees, entrepreneurs, and company owners.

​​Chapp, unlike Threema, does not require entering an ID for adding a contact, but uses the contacts already on your phone. What is outstanding is that it gives you the ability to accept or refuse the messages from people you do not know. So, you can say goodbye to hackers or unsolicited messages from spammers and sellers.

​​Similar to Signal, Chapp is totally free. Nevertheless, it is better for more organized conversations. With Chapp, you can simply swap between your work and personal profiles without having to exit the app and open another version of it, like in Threema. Using Chapp account gives you the privilege of sorting your contacts under these two profiles. So, next time you receive a message from your dear ones, you won't have to see another work message shoved in your eyes, reminding you of work deadlines. In addition, you can mute any profile with a simple button, so you can focus on work and socialize mindfully.

​​To wrap it up, it is a smart choice for you to consider an encrypted chat app for your personal and business conversations. WhatsApp’s owner, Facebook, still depends on selling ads as the cornerstone for its business model. Therefore, its users are now aware and understand where their data is and how it is handled. Whereas Signal, Threema, and Chapp offer the same level of security, Chapp is the best for achieving work-life harmony beside its strict policy- to never collect or sell sensitive information.

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